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Coal Trestle / John J. Rammacher – 1941

Attached is another batch of photographs shared by Kenneth May from the Hagley Museum and Library showing the PRR Sodus Point Coal Trestle and Loading of the Coal Boat John J. Rammacher on October 16, 1941.

Coal Trestle Reconstruction – 1927

In the 1870s, the original Coal Trestle was built that was 400 feet long and stood 40 feet above the water. It had two sets of rails on top that ran to its outer end with two coal pockets under each set of rails. As the years went by, the demand for coal increased and the coal boats used to transport the coal increased in size. In 1927 the dock was completely rebuilt with heavy yellow pine timbers and was extended to 800 feet in length and 60 feet in height, with eight pockets and chutes. In addition to the work on the new trestle, the company added a storage yard for up to 12,000 cars. A special thanks to Kenneth May for sharing these photos from the Hagley Museum and Library in Wilmington, Delaware showing the PRR Sodus Point coal trestle construction in 1927.

On top of the coal trestle


On top of the coal trestle watching the unloading of the railroad cars into a coal ship. Photo courtesy of Dick Ransley


Coal Trestle

Coal Trestle and Road

Sodus Point trestle - road
Photo courtesy Sandi Hamilton

A Pennsylvania GP7 locomotive pulling a string of coal cars off the coal trestle at Sodus point. 1950’s. Photographer unknown

Coal Trestle Fire Videos

Coal Trestle Fire 2 – 11/05/1971


The following 5 minute video was filmed on Nov. 5th, 1971 from a boat in Sodus Bay. The video is courtesy of Lou Rambo. A special thanks to Sandy Hopkins for obtaining a copy of this video. Editing by Bruce Farrington.


This video has some very spectacular footage of the Coal Trestle Fire that was accidentally set on fire as the structure was being dismantled on November 11, 1971. Lou Rambo took the video and at the time worked for Stu Sill. The video was shot from Stu’s tugboat: Sueanne S


Coal Trestle to Close

This article is from the November 18, 1966 edition of the Rochester Times Union.

A special thanks to Liz Ekkebus for sharing this clipping.


Background: The  time is November 1966. The coal trestle is coming off a very bad year for shipping coal. The demand for coal is down, the coal ships are not coming like they used to and the “Pennzy” is not delivering coal by rail as much either. There are layoffs and rumors that the coal trestle may close soon.


The coal trestle would in fact close  the following year. You can zoom in and out of the newspaper article by clicking the link below:

Coal Trestle Fire – 11/5/1971


This movie was filmed on Nov. 5, 1971 by Cora Houck


The movie was donated by her daughter, Mikey Mullins (DeVeris)


Filmed from Chets Donut Shop


Some of the Sodus Point firemen up on the trestle in the film are:
Fred Harrington, Donnie Riggs, Joe Bednar, Frank Woods, Bill Huff, Frank Wackerle


On the whaler (lower dock of the trestle) was Ralph Houck, George Baste and Red Mull. Ralph Houck was hit by a stream of water from a high pressure hose and fell into the water. He was not hurt.


On the Tug Boat Suzanne was Stu Sill


Before the fire was finally extinguished all Wayne County Fire Departments assisted


Railroad and Coal Trestle