Christian Holler





Christian Holler Road is an East-West road that is approximately 3 miles southwest of Sodus Point. Arch Murrill in his book “The Ridge Ontario’s Bloom Country” relates the amusing story behind the naming of this road.


A locality in the neighborhood is called Christian Hollow, although to the pioneers it was “Christian Holler” because:


Back in 1823, early settlers there became obsessed with the idea the end of the world was at hand. Led by a man named James Sergeant, they even fixed the hour. When that fateful time came, they assembled  prayerfully, the men in their sober Sunday best; the women in their brightest shawls. Among them was one doubting Thomas who allowed that he “would just meander over to the Geneva Road and miss the whole thing.”


He did and when the hour of doom had passed without Gabriel’s trumpet, this skeptic “went back there and said ‘I told you so’ and you should hear the Christians holler!”